Tall Boy John and the future of transportation

I must say, as much as I love cars (errrr) I love me some bikes just the same. This includes both the motor-driven and human-powered varieties. I'm an advocate for all modes of transportation really. As long as it gets my heart going and puts a grin on my face, I'm about it. Segways to Steamboats. Which gets me to my point. As much as I like to bitch and rant about transportation, I find that sometimes its better to leave it to the professionals. My good friend John Kroeger (aka Tall Boy John) does this better than anyone I know and is a constant inspiration for...errr, well...not giving a f+ck*.

Check out his brand new blog at http://tallboysoapboxco.blogspot.com/

*this can be interpreted many ways, but rest assured i mean it only in the most responsible and productive sort of way...

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