final direction

It's been a while since I've posted anything from the Cadillac project. This is pretty much the final direction for the car for Pepper Potts. It's silver and very art nouveau inspired.

update:car looks nothing like this now.


family car!

A couple of sketches from the "family car" project. It's a semi-tough safari wagon for Nissan. Interior is in development...going modular for sure.


rockcrawler sketches

might as well throw these up there, eh?


The dilemma of the car designer

As much as I align myself with the environmentally responsible, there is something about raw horsepower and perfect lines that get me every time...


whats in a brand?

Still searching for Cadillac, but pushing the biomechanical thing. The idea is simple: you grown your own car with exactly the traits that you want. The "car" becomes a living thing that you bond with by caring for. It will be somewhat intelligent, but not sure about the extent of that yet. Also, right now it is a little bit scary. make that a lot abit scary.


Caddy sketches

Alright, this is the last freebie for a while.. gotta save something for crit! What is an American Supercar?


Tall Boy John and the future of transportation

I must say, as much as I love cars (errrr) I love me some bikes just the same. This includes both the motor-driven and human-powered varieties. I'm an advocate for all modes of transportation really. As long as it gets my heart going and puts a grin on my face, I'm about it. Segways to Steamboats. Which gets me to my point. As much as I like to bitch and rant about transportation, I find that sometimes its better to leave it to the professionals. My good friend John Kroeger (aka Tall Boy John) does this better than anyone I know and is a constant inspiration for...errr, well...not giving a f+ck*.

Check out his brand new blog at http://tallboysoapboxco.blogspot.com/

*this can be interpreted many ways, but rest assured i mean it only in the most responsible and productive sort of way...


mini coop redux.

Well I don't really remember what i've been doing this week, but looking back, I found this. The thought is that in the future, as space becomes more and more valuable, we will have to fine new ways to package people in vehicles. This is a small, seven passenger vehicle (based on Mini package) where the passengers stand instead of sit, allowing for better use of the 10 square meters that the car takes up.


current obsession

I'm officially obsessed with cafe racers. its just the level of badassness that my life needs right now. After I get my bike license (test tomorrow!) i'll be one step closer to my life of bikes, burnin', and birds.


O'kane demo!

So Brigid is actually doing a real demo!

Jeep Moto.

Jeep Moto was the product of last winter/summer quarters with Chrysler for a sustainable mobility studio. I was more thrilled with the process and less with the actual clay model (first time for everything!). here's the tease. more to come...


Okay, so granted right now there is only one person who knows this blog exists, and also granted, i'm plugging the blog of the only person who is following my blog, but i'm going to do it anyway. Totally inspirational to a car designer who would rather be an illustrator, like me....and just plain fun. Anyhow, check out kristina's stuff over at OnePaisley...i'm sure there will be a lot more to come out of her little doodle kitchen.

New pens!!

fineliners for $1.03 a piece! stock up before the new great depression.

starting on pepper potts....

i'll come back and describe the whole theme of junk on here soon, but i'm starting on pepper pott's car again. redux of first sketch.. just gonna let this one beeeee for now.


mas sketches

cadillac tank exploration for that guy in ironman that is like a general and friends with tony stark who's name i dont remember....

mini coop

mini cooper sketch for DesCom class. beefin up that little coop' a bit...started with a reference image, a line drawing, and a little bit of time in painter x. on a 6x9 wacom.

its a spaceplane.

from space of course. this was a quick painting for DesCom last winter.


Cadillac, fer shizzle. But really. I thought i'd start off by posting something. and so..well, here it is. let's see if this whole blog thing will take off.